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Looking for more Instagram likes? If so, you’ve come to right place. In today’s article we delve into several methods that can be used to make the number of likes (and followers) you receive skyrocket. In this piece we will look at how you can be proactive in your Instagram usage in order to attract more traffic with the intention of receiving more likes. If you’re looking to buy Instagram likes then head over to the following site:

1) Follow and engage: Explore the Instagram feed to find users with interesting posts about relevant niches - particularly ones that use hashtags that you also use. All it takes is one interaction with a big account and you could find yourself inundated with traffic, followers and many, many more likes. In addition to following others, be sure to actively interact with your own followers too - follow them back, comment and like their posts etc. Social media platforms like Instagram are the perfect place for businesses to engage with customers and potential customers, so by using a wide range of tactics to increase the number of followers you have you’ll automatically see an increase in likes.

2) Schedule: Regular posting is key to keeping your current followers suitably engaged and attracting new followers. The trick is to post just the right amount of content on a regular basis. If you post too much too often then followers will quickly become irritated which will ultimately lead to less likes and fewer followers. Conversely, posting too infrequently will result in the same fate, as your followers will have forgotten about you and no new followers will crop up as you’re too inactive. Ideally you’d post once per day, although twice or three times is acceptable. We think one thoughtful and creative daily post is enough to keep your current followers happy and also attract new ones. Deciding when to post can be difficult as people are in different time zones and will be active at different times of the day. You need to find out which country the bulk of your followers are from and when they are most active and then post content to coincide with this. 

3) Like to enter competitions: If you want to increase your likes rapidly then you could either buy likes or run a like-to-enter competition. It is extremely simple and straightforward. Post an image. Ask your followers to like it. Pick one random person to win a prize a week later. Simple. You’ll be inundated with likes and will also no doubt receive more followers too. Don’t use this too often as the novelty will wear off quickly, but be sure to utilise this tactic a handful of times every year.

4) Ask questions: If you’re looking to boost user engagement then ask them questions. Users love to engage with the brands and business they’re following and by asking questions you give them direct contact with you and allow them to engage with you. A simple visual post with a question is all you need to post up and then ask people to comment with their answer/thoughts/opinions. Making this a weekly event can be very effective at increasing engagement and likes, for example every Friday could be ‘Question Friday’ #questionfriday.

These are just a handful of ideas that can be used to boost user engagement and ultimately the number of likes that you receive on your Instagram account. If you want a quick increase in likes then we recommend buying Instagram likes via the site linked at the top of the page.

Thanks for stopping by - we really hope you found this article beneficial! 


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